Mitwill Design Community

  • Mitwill designer network develops a collection of unique fashion prints
  • Customers are followed by a member of the design team to manage the exchange with the design network for special requests and custom print themes
  • A collaborative cloud platform facilitates design development and serves as tool for custom development
  • Special services for designers to promote longterm loyalty to the designer platform (training, exchange, small series printing).

Mitwill Production

  • Mitwill is an industrial partner through cooperation with leading
  • European printing facilities
  • A large portfolio of qualities is covered by multiple co-working arrangements with textile producers (weaving / knitting / dyeing / finishing)
  • High flexibility and excellent price performance are underpinned by diversified sourcing

Mitwill Strengths

  • Management of a designer network and development of print collections
  • Organisation of production, logistics, distribution
  • Development of process software
  • International Sourcing
  • Customer portfolio

Pride in our results

  • More than 10 000 new designs created in the last 4 years
  • 100 basic qualities (woven/knit) developed and produced
  • Balanced cumulated results cover high initial investment in creation and product development
  • Production site for 150 000 m monthly printing
  • Stable supplier structure and expanding customer base
  • Collection recognized by acceptance at major trade fairs

Building blocks for the future

  • Mitwill Designer Community grows to over 40 active designers
  • Enhanded software tools for cooperation between our designers and customers
  • Production capacity at partner mills grows to 8 – 9 mill. meter prints annually
  • Flexible distribution and logistics  to market high & medium quality products made in Europe with excellent pricing